Earn 100% on your first $100!

First time parents and grandparents love to prepare their homes for baby at the JBF sale!

Which is why we offer YOU a BONUS when you bring at least five of these TOP SELLERS.

Have questions? See FAQ's at bottom of page. 


Car seat

Pack & Play

Activity Table

Bumbo & Sit Me Up Seats


High Chair



Bedside Sleeper or Bassinett

MamaRoo or RockaRoo


Toddler Slide

Play mat with Hanging Accessories

Cozy Coupe

Power Wheels

Picnic or Water Table

Ride in Wagon

Play House or Outdoor Play Center

New Box of Diapers

All items must pass safety inspection, be clean, and be in great condition.
Please check our Safety Guide for top recalls and the CSPC for more details.
All items must be reasonably priced. Please refer to the Get Started Cheat Sheet for assistance.

To get the bonus, ask for the 100% Bonus Form at drop off.
Validation must occur at drop off to qualify.

Check this list every sale, as top sellers may change from time to time.
Offer only Valid for DIY sellers. Valet and Quick Cash sellers do not qualify.
The following items do not qualify: booster (car) seats, doorway swings/jumpers,
clip on/portable high chairs, and umbrella strollers. Car seat/stroller combos count as 1 item.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who can earn the bonus? Any DIY seller who brings 5 of the TOP SELLER items listed and completes the verification form at drop off is eligible for the bonus. Valet & Quick Cash sellers do not qualify.

2. Do the items have to be originally owned by the seller? For the most part, NO! We welcome you to find these items at a local garage sale, get them from a friend who doesn't want to sell, etc and use them to qualify. The only exception to this is cribs and car seats. For these items you must be the original owner to verify safety information. They will also need a completed safety waiver and manual.

3. What if I use (or bring more to) mid-sale drop off? Can I qualify for the bonus? YES! We will keep the forms on site for all drop offs. If you bring items to both drop offs we will locate your original form. If you use mid-sale drop off exclusively you will complete the form at that time. 

4. Do the items have to sell? No, but when these hot sellers are priced well they FLY off the sales floor! All eligible items must be reasonably priced in accordance with JBF standards. Please refer to our Get Started Cheat Sheet for tips on pricing. In the off chance they do not sell, as long as you have $100 in sales from any items (clothing, toys, shoes, etc) in the same seller account you will qualify.

5. I have more than 1 of the same item, can I bring duplicates to qualify? Yes! As long as you have 5 from the list and they meet safety and quality standards you qualify.